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Videos of ps3 chat wanking

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You can't even make a monkey wear an embarrassing hat. In fact, Sony has decided it's not the game for anyone outside of Japan - at least not enough people to make a release commercially viable. And unless you can understand Japanese, you'll spend the first hour or so turning to websites like Game Faqs as you try to work out what's going on.

Nor can you tie an elephant's trunk in a knot, cut off a giraffe's head or inflate a hippo till it goes pop.

Here you can store and select camera equipment, look at the map and rest overnight. This is used for storing your photos, updating the electronic field guide with new animals you've spotted, buying new items and saving the game.

You can also chat to the American lady / French man between missions. It's also where you receive emails from clients with briefs on what they want you to photograph next (helpfully for non-Japanese speakers, the emails have relevant images attached).

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You play as a wildlife photographer based in an unspecified African country, almost as if the game designers consider all the countries of Africa to be basically the same anyway, in the same way some non-Europeans think Spain is the same as Ireland.

There are two characters to choose from - a small American lady and a tall French man.

If you don't understand what you're chatting about because you can't read Japanese, you can have a nice time making up what they might be saying in your head.

Hoping to stay in more in touch with family and friends in 2009? For those of you with the Play Station Eye or other web camera, video chat is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, and this video will teach you how to get started.

The Vault case envelopes your slim Xbox 360 or Play Station 3 with N7 branded suit armour, exactly like the suit hero Shepard wears in-game. Each one costs 69.99 and only 25,000 of the things have been made.