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Ashley slanina davies dating

Slanina-Davies stated that she was motivated by the fact that her "mum's partially sighted".

The star, who recently reprised her role as Amy Barnes, had a busy time ...

Hollyoaks has celebrated its 18th birthday in the way ...

At on Facebook Live today Tegan Lomax, played by Jessica Ellis, was at the Lomax's house and had the task of drawing three objects and the letter that appeared in all three words was the first clue.

The Sun Actress Ashley Slanina-Davies was offered the role while looking for TV work as an extra and first appeared in the soap in 2005.

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The Sun Duncan James confirms Amy Barnes death in Hollyoaks and how much he will miss his co-star Ashley Slanina-Davies The Sun He said: “My character is a bit of a numpty and unfortunately his life is about to be turned upside down because one of Hollyoaks' longest-running characters, the lovely Amy Barnes, is about to be dead.” As a photo of Duncan and Ashley flashed up on ...