Start Bisexual transvestite cross dresser dating

Bisexual transvestite cross dresser dating

Dear Alice, What causes a heterosexual male to cross-dress?

The lack of broad acceptance may influence the feelings of a cross-dressing individual.

Are there any reliable therapies to help the cross-dresser resist and overcome his cross-dressing urges?

Rarely would you see the term guilt tied to the idea of women in pants.

While social gender expectations and associated feelings have shifted over time, the acceptance of gender nonconforming clothing choices may not have been as equally accepted in all segments of society.

A man who is attracted to other men could identify as ‘Gay’ or ‘Homosexual’.

‘Transgender’ is often used to mean ‘Transsexual’(Transgender refers to a larger group of people than that) has to do with one’s Gender Identity is how one identifies in terms of maleness or femaleness.

Cross-dressing isn’t something that needs to be “overcome” or “resisted.” In fact, many in the therapeutic community discourage people from suppressing their true gender identity. Because a person has the desire to use non-gender conforming methods of self-expression (including clothing choices), you should not think of this as something to dissipate. Some may choose to experiment with gender non-conforming choices at one life stage and move on, while others may see it as part of a life-long expression of individuality.