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Bridgetta tomarchio dating

Her face decorated the January 2011 cover of the international magazine “Kasanova Magazine,” for which she also writes a weekly column called “Ask Kitten Bridgetta.” She is the face of AXE Bodywash online.

Bridgetta Tomarchio was born on December 25, 1978, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Recently, Tomarchio has completed filming the short “Chunk of Mean” (2012).

Bridgetta Tomarchio was born on December 25, 1978 in Baltimore, Maryland, U. to parents Jane and Joe and grew up in the close by city of Ellicott.

She was named the new spokesperson for “Chicago Academy of Music,” which benefits the Chicago Children's Advocacy Center for Abuse.

Tomarchio has three dogs, a pit-bull named Chocolat, a long haired chihuahua she got in London named Nefertiti, and a deer-head Chihuahua named Anubis.

She co-hosted a morning show for La Talk with Sam, and is a host for “Skull Candy TV” and “Affliction TV.” She also hosted video documentary “Blood, Sweat & Gears” (2006).

Tomarchio, who worked as Val Kilmer's assistant when she first moved to Los Angeles, tried her hand in acting in 2000 when she had a small role as a reporter in an episode of television series “The West Wing.” She continued to appear in episodes of “Judging Amy” (2001), “Going to California” (2001-2002), “Entourage” (2004), “The Bronx Is Burning” (2007), “Jimmy Kimmel Live! ” (2008), “The Storm” (2009) and “Californication” (2009).

Bridgetta Tomarchio is a Baltimore, Maryland born actress, model and host.