Start Dating a supermodel

Dating a supermodel

and the receipient of many Internet related achievement awards Cindy sets out today to take advantage of her lifetime internet and entertainment achievements, combining them to finally and ultimately bring a level playing field to anyone with stars in their eyes and dreams of being discovered., developed (by Cindy and friends) to create a bridge between talent and industry professionals, giving artists a 'leg up' to showcase their skills to an industry that is always seeking new talent.

then you are definitely and finally in the right place at the right time! Her image and story has been featured in some of the worlds' most popular publications including Vanity Fair, News Week, Forbes, USA Today, People, Maxim and Playboy.

She has enjoyed a long and successful career in prime time TV and has several Hollywood Movie credits to her name.

The model, the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, shared a snap of her luxurious Airbnb on Instagram.

It’s unclear if supermodel pal Kendall Jenner will head north for Baldwin’s birthday celebrations, and things could get awkward if Parsons decides to stick around.

The two were caught showing plenty of PDA on the beach in Malibu, California, on Thursday, when the usually private Di Caprio was snapped giving Agdal a steamy smooch as she lay on the sand.

According to our source, things started to heat up between the attractive pair when they attended the Cannes Film Festival together in May.

"Leo definitely courted Nina in the beginning -- she wanted to make sure she wasn’t just another one of his models.