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Dating car registration plates

Dates for the various "ND" registrations are then listed.

The use of Registration Plates in a format other than those shown in Diagrams 1-6 above, is Prohibited by Law, and vehicle owners who use them may incur fines of up to €5,000.

The appropriate year index, applicable to the vehicle’s date of first registration in the other state, will be assigned.

Diagram 1: Diagram 2: No other numbers, letters or marks, etc. This Registration plate format applies to all vehicles that were first registered, on or after 1 January 2013, either in Ireland or in another state.

Northern Ireland has its own system which is quite different, but today we’re concentrating on the GB system (England, Scotland, Wales).

We’re also not going to discuss any of the previous number plate systems before 2001.

For example, if a 60's car was registered as BND 468G, or a pre-war car as ND 3456, the letters "ND" would be that registration's location letters.

A look at the ND letter code page confirms that this was a Manchester-area letter code.

There are over 600 pages in this section, the data grouped together by registration number location letters.