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Is rob dyrdek dating chanel

It's hard to keep up with professional skater Rob Dyrdek.

5 April 2009Rob's dream of building several legal skate spots in city parks all over Los Angeles is given a head start when a large fast-food company agrees to fund construction of the first ever "Safe Spot Skate Spot" - a skate plaza designed by Rob, in downtown Lafayette Park.

In return, Rob is asked to create some viral videos to advertise the restaurant brand.

As they prepare for the big day, Rob begins to see a unique connection developing between his cousin Drama and a life-sized test dummy they call "Timmy the Testie." On the day of the record-breaking attempt, severe winds threaten both the safety of Rob and Danny, and the success of their perilous stunt.

1 March 2009Rob is offered the opportunity to redevelop and add the Dyrdek name to his very own Las Vegas Motel.

This inspires Rob to create internet-buzz by building the biggest skateboard in the world.

The Mayor of Los Angeles accompanies Rob on a world record ride at the skate spot opening.

So it would stand to reason that Rob would meet plenty of lovely ladies.