Start Kimberly mccullough and jason thompson dating

Kimberly mccullough and jason thompson dating

I love how Jason always comments on my hair in the morning or if he doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t like my shoes or whatever.

He has a sense of humor that can usually dig him out of most holes.

We’ve cried, we’ve yelled at each other, on-screen and off, and we remain friends.

At least, that’s the idea of having an official site.

I’m excited to share my films, my photos, my thoughts and dreams.

I’ve been asked several times, “What’s the hardest part about leaving GH? Jason once said to me, “I’ve haven’t looked at anyone’s face more than yours the past 6 years.” I thought, too bad for him, I think I got the better end of that deal. Right about now, you might be thinking, “Is this a love thing? We have the kind of friendship where I can say, “I love you” and he doesn’t think I want to bone him.

I never expected to become close to Jason, it just happened over time. It’s not like that and that’s why I love Jason so much.

Plus, there’s the whole pregnant Britt sitch to sort out.