Start Sophos configure updating greyed

Sophos configure updating greyed

Сегодня мы остановимся на функции организации веб-доступа.

Logging can be configured to adjust the size and detail of Sophos update and scan activity.

Here are some of the features that are now modifiable by you.

The Primary Server provides you with virus ID updates.

If you don't get any updates from the primary or secondary, your Sophos Shield icon appears with a red indicator which remains until your computer can update properly.

Recommendation: Make sure you've got a secondary server specified.

Go to the following folder and edit the file using notepad: For Windows 7 – Program Data Sophos Auto Update Config For Windows XP – Program Files Sophos Auto Update Config You may need to give the user editing the file permissions to write to the folder, my user account had read only.

In my scenario, Sophos changed our update username and password while I had a few clients on the road so I had to edit the Web Config_Secondary location.

В системе имеется несколько каталогов, располагающихся в разделе Definitions & Users, что позволяет использовать определённые объекты в различных модулях.