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States mandating e verify

These employers must now use the federal E-Verify employment eligibility verification system to check work authorization for all new hires.

It remains unclear whether the Obama administration will file a lawsuit against California for moving against the intent of federal law. Open-border journalists seem to prefer keeping anti-enforcement bills that might raise the ire of most taxpayers in the dark; only when a bill supports the rule of law do the activist journalists devote gallons of ink to the matter, nearly all of it in an attempt to discredit the effort.

If the administration does not file a lawsuit, it will be painfully clear that the White House has no interest in the enforcement of immigration law. California cities are just beginning to hear of the change and some officials are troubled by the governor's decision.

20 Municipalities Forced to Drop E-Verify Laws To the applause of illegal immigration advocates and unscrupulous business owners, California Gov.

Jerry Brown signed into law AB 1236, an act that prohibits California municipalities from requiring businesses within their jurisdiction to use E-Verify.

Many states are enacting laws that require employers to use E-Verify when hiring their employees.

Below is a list of states that currently have E-Verify laws on the books and an explanation of who is affected by those laws.

Information on training for immigration compliance can be found HERE.