Start Updating virtuemart

Updating virtuemart

In addition, the update service does not include any upgrades/migrations to new major versions, as this generally involves migration of data.

Any product related information can be modified in the first tab - description, products dimensions, manufacturer, quantity, etc.

What is of great importance - store owners have the upper hand over Virtue Mart stock control.

IF YOUR SITE IS LIVE OR UNDERCONSTRUCTION, THIS MAY OVERWRITE SOME OF YOU CONFIGURATION FILES - try this instead: The other way to fix the "Invalid Token, in store config" error (which I didn't actually do, but one can easily assume it would work), is to do a manual upgrade by transferring the files over FTP.

Just go to and download the correct upgrade version, unzip it and upload the files in the same folder structure to your website.

Any e Commerce store content is based on products and store inventory.

Thus the ability to successfully update and on-fly edit products and Virtue Mart inventory is a keystone task for promising online merchants.

Are there any suggestions of any kind on any tutorials about the whole procedure?